Giacomo Balla, Iridescent Interpenetration No.13, c. 1914


Giacomo Balla, Iridescent Interpenetration No.13, c. 1914

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La gripe y yo.

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Cleverly Designed Sustainable And Interactive Food Packaging By Tomorrow Machine

Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine experiments with unusual materials to create revolutionary food packaging concepts. Pursuing the modernist principle of form follows function, Tomorrow Machine unites visual appeal with highly innovative and operational technologies to create both aesthetic and pragmatic design.

Their project This Too Shall Pass addresses the increasing issue of environmental pollution and recycling. Using biodegradable materials, studio has created food packaging that shares the symbiotic life span with the food housed inside. Vividly colored and minimalist in shape, these concept containers for oils, dry foods and liquids disintegrate when the contents they store are used.

“Is it reasonable that it takes several years for a milk carton to decompose naturally, when the milk goes sour after a week? “This Too Shall Pass” is a series of food packaging were the packaging has the same short life-span as the foods they contain. The package and its content is working in symbiosis.”

Besides their environmentally friendly attempts, Tomorrow Machine creates interactive product packaging to shape the innovations of tomorrow. Collaborating with Swedish research company Innventia, designers created self-opening and self-expanding packages based on the use of the 100% biodegradable material they developed together. According to Tomorrow Machine, “this is the new generation of sustainable package design, using materials that are both smart and environmentally friendly”.


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Monet in his garden Flowers Garden Love


Monet in his garden Flowers Garden Love

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Jodhpur, India, 1996

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Details at Lanvin Spring 2010 RTW

Fashion by Mademoiselle! (Runway blog!

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